Bad Bloggers. Bad!

So it turns out we don’t do so well at keeping up with this blogging thing. So this entry will attempt to cover, well, all of 2016 I guess. When we last left off in March Aileen was complaining about dictionaries being priced unfairly. Much has happened since then. I’ll mostly cover our travels, because those are probably the most interesting bits with the best pictures.


This trip was a short one. I am, for reasons unclear to almost everyone, a big fan of brutalist architecture. So I was browsing Pinterest one day (as you do) and saw a picture of a church. I thought it was neat, and tried to find out more information. Eventually after some google image search detective work I determined it was a church in Neviges. Google maps then told me that this was 15km away, and I had ridden my bike through it before. So I decided we had to visit this church. So one snowy day in January we met up with Juan Carlos and Nuria, and drove to Neviges. The church was an absolutely giant concrete monstrosity. It was weirdly spectacular, especially in the snow. So I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Belgium and the Ronde

We had a bit of a travel hiatus until spring, when Aileen as a birthday present for me, booked a trip to Oudenaarde in Flanders. On the weekend of the Tour of Flanders. So we rented a car, packed up our bikes drove down Friday evening and met our Airbnb host. We were his first guests ever, which was kind of neat. And he greeted us by offering us two bottles of Westvletern 12. Which was spectacular.   The next day we ambled into town, and saw that the amateur ride of the Tour route was happening. So we jumped in. Partway through Aileen had a small mishap on some cobblestones, so she treated her wounds in the proper Belgian fashion, by stopping for some beer and Frites. I continued on, learning exactly how nasty it is to ride over Flandrian cobbles at (not even racing) speed. Then the next day was race day. We watched just after the feed zone, and not only did we not get a musette or a bottle, we had our little Flandrian flags (seen in the photo below) stolen by a couple kids in full Ettix Quickstep team kit.


In April our super-cool friends Kacy and Steve and their daughter Paige came to Amsterdam, and we met them there. The original plan had been to go to Brussels, but we rebooked to Amsterdam due to misgivings after the terror attacks in Brussels. So as a consolation prize we brought Belgian beer we’d acquired while in Oudenaarde.

Many adventures were had in Amsterdam including putting a child seat on a rental bike, eating lots of pancakes, and playing a smartphone-based version of charades. And once again, here are some pictures:


This is already a lot of photos, so to avoid complete overload I shall close for now (it’s also dinner time) and continue the wrap up in a second post.  Or possibly a third.



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