Expat Cocktails


Cheap mint teabags purchased on a whim from Aldi (a German discounter notable for their remaindered Trader Joe’s products, cheap housewares, and sundry absurdly inexpensive items including cell phone plans)

Honey (fancy honey, purchased when we lived near the non-Aldi nicer grocery store)

Bourbon, again purchased on a whim from Aldi while reminiscing about my favorite Elijah Craig or Ranger Creek bourbons consumed in Texas. Note: 9 euro bourbon from Aldi does not taste like the aforementioned – it mainly tastes like brown sugar and burning. Hence this cocktail recipe.


Make tea using mint teabags. Mix in one teaspoon honey and one shot bourbon. Consume and say “hey, that’s not too bad!” Secretly wish for the aforementioned Elijah Craig or Ranger Creek.