Today, I had to pick up a package from the post office. It was pouring rain, and I biked up looking like a drowned rat. I queued like a good German, and handed over my package slip to the guy behind the counter. He brought out an enormous box, which lead to the following exchange in German:

Me (with a sad face): Oh, I only have my bicycle.

Him: Well, you can come back tomorrow…

Me: I don’t have a car. It’s ok, I’ll figure it out, maybe I’ll take a taxi.

Him: In the future… (slides Postbank flyer about auto loan rates over the counter).

In German, there’s a word “Klugscheißer”, which translates as “smart alec” (those of you who know German can point out that this is not the literal translation). This was my first Klugscheißer experience in a long time.

Joke’s on him, though, I left the box outside the post office and just took the contents with me.