In and around Essen

A short update!

On Saturday we went to the Zeche Zollverein.  Which is a large industrial facility in the northeast of Essen.  It was formerly a coal mine, and coking plant.  It was shuttered in 1986 and purchased by the city of Essen shortly thereafter.  It was converted to a park/event space/industrial heritage site, and dedicated a world heritage site in 2001.

We went to visit, since it is one of the more famous places in Essen, and since Saturday was one of the best weather-days we’ve seen.  It turns out it’s a really cool place and we had a great time wandering about checking out the sites.  They have a “swimming pool” which is open seasonally.  It turns out the swimming pool is two shipping containers welded together with a deck around them.

Apparently they also have a shallow pond used for ice skating in winter!

I, of course, took photos.  And have included some of the better ones below.


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